Traditional Polki Bajuband

Traditional Polki BajubandTraditional Polki Bajuband

Traditional Polki Bajuband



Traditional Polki Bajuband is made by putt uncut diamonds in gold jewellery practice gold foils and animal product. Jadau, the hindi word for ‘embedding’ is typically accustomed consult with this type of knickknack. The diamonds are placed on a foil of pure gold that lends them an outstanding shine once they mirror light-weight. they’re then united with the gold jewellery and additional adorned with pearls and totally different precious stones like rubies and tourmalines that make an interesting combination with the uncut diamonds.

Given that it’s factory-made from uncut diamonds, polki jewellery is extraordinarily expensive, with the value of a jewellery running into thousands of pounds. the value of a piece depends on the colour, clarity and additionally the carat of the diamonds that square measure accustomed produce it. Not gorgeous that Polki jewellery has such lots value connected to it that it becomes a heirloom piece.

The art of making Polki jewellery was delivered to Republic of India by the Mughals. Mughal emperors and queens square measure documented to have worn Polki jewellery in terribly knotty designs, proving that this kind of craft is over a a few years previous. it is a craft that wants a superb amount of ability and dedication, every little bit of jewellery takes days to be completed.

Even if one knew nothing relating to Polki jewellery, it’s very easy to guess that the jewellery options a flush heritage connected to it. The grandeur and wealth of Polki jewellery bears testimony to its association with royalty.

The origin of the jewellery and its designs square measure deeply unmoving inside the history and culture of Asian nation. Since we’ve got detected many queries on the jewellery, we’ve got a bent to determined to introduce you to polki jewellery and tell you all that you} just required to know relating to it.

Polki is nothing but uncut and unpolished diamond that is used in its natural sort, with none physical or chemical treatment. thence the stones have AN unfinished look that adds many character to them. on condition that it’s diamond in its natural sort, the demand for Polki is extraordinarily high, making Polki jewellery very expensive. In most families, Polki jewellery are heirloon things,passed from one generation to a special.

Traditional Polki Bajuband