Flower Style Round Bor Maang Tikka

Round Bor Maang Tikka


Even if one knew nothing regarding Polki jewellery, it’s terribly simple to guess that the jewellery incorporates a made heritage hooked up to that. The grandeur and wealth of Polki jewellery bears testimony to its association with royalty.

The origin of the jewellery and its designs ar deeply stock-still within the history and culture of india. Since we’ve detected many questions about the jewelry, we have a tendency to set to introduce you to polki jewellery and tell you all that you simply wished to grasp regarding it.

Polki is nothing however uncut and unpolished diamond that is used in its natural type, with none physical or chemical treatment. thus the stones have an unfinished look that adds plenty of character to them. only if it is diamond in its natural type, the demand for Polki is incredibly high, creating Polki jewelry terribly expensive. In most families, Polki jewellery are heirloon items,passed from one generation to a different.
The art of creating Polki jewelry was dropped at india by the Mughals. Mughal emperors and queens are documented to possess worn Polki jewellery in very convoluted styles, proving that this manner of craft is over a many years recent. it is a craft that needs a good quantity of ability and dedication, every bit of jewellery takes days to be completed.

This Polki Jewellery is a Round Bor Maang Tikka which is made of Paan Shape Polki Stones and used Occassionally by women in Parties and Occassions

Polki jewellery is formed by inserting uncut diamonds in gold jewellery victimization gold foils and lac. Jadau, the hindi word for ‘embedding’ is usually used to ask this sort of jewellery. The diamonds are placed on a foil of pure gold that lends them an excellent shine once they mirror light-weight. they’re then consolidated with the gold jewellery and more adorned with pearls and alternative precious stones like rubies and tourmalines that create a remarkable combination with the uncut diamonds.

Round Bor Maang Tikka