Polki jewellery Necklace Sets

Polki jewellery Necklace Sets


Polki jewellery Necklace Sets is a type of jewelry which is worn around the neck. It is worn by both male & female. There are varieties of necklace sets available, which are made out of different materials & styles. In ancient times necklace sets were generally made out of metal or cloth entwined into a necklace.
Necklace sets has a primary hanging feature which is referred as pendent. If a pendent is relatively smaller in length & size then it is called a locket. Necklace can vary in size & shape. Some are long in length & some are just like a simple thin chain around the neck.

The origin of the Polki jewellery Necklace Sets and its designs are deeply rooted in the history and culture of India. Since we have heard many questions about the jewellery, we decided to introduce you to polki jewellery and tell you all that you wanted to know about it.

In the recent few years we have seen tremendous amount of interest in our ancient crafts leading to the revival and an increased demand in Polki jewellery. Brides last year were seen wearing Polki Jewellery Necklaces Sets with aplomb and making a lasting style statement with their jewellery.

Polki jewellery Necklace Sets was brought to India by the Mughals. Mughal emperors and queens have been documented to have worn Polki jewellery in extremely intricate designs, proving that this form of craft is over a hundreds of years old. It is a craft that requires a great amount of skill and dedication, each piece of jewellery takes days to be completed.

Here are a few types of name of necklace sets which are named on the basis of their length: Choker, Princess Necklace, Matinee Necklace, Pearl, Opera Necklace, Sautoir or Rope Necklace and Lariat Necklace.

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Even if one knew nothing about Polki jewellery, it is very easy to guess that the jewellery has a rich heritage attached to it. The grandeur and opulence of Polki jewellery bears testimony to its association with royalty.



Polki jewellery Necklace Sets